Antitrust Law

At GVJ Associates our team of competition lawyers offers comprehensive advice on all antitrust, procurement control, state aid and general European law issues, including infringement proceedings and administrative and judicial appeals before European and Spanish authorities and courts.

The CNMC is the government agency responsible for ensuring compliance with competition rules.
Monopolistic situations are closely observed by the CNMC, as they act as barriers to entry for potential new competitors and violate the principle of free competition.

It is essential to know the barriers to entry in a sector to avoid unforeseen events. Licensing requirements or the demands imposed by economies of scale are some of them. Barriers translate into high costs for market participants, which is why good planning is necessary. At GVJ Associates we advise you throughout the process.

General advice on Spanish and European Union antitrust law.

Judicial and administrative proceedings in collusive practices or abuse of dominant position.

On the one hand, appeals before the Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European Union. On the other hand, contentious-administrative appeals before national courts.

Advising our business clients on competition issues in regulated sectors, free movement of goods, services, persons and capital.

Representation of our public and private clients before the European Commission for complaints or infringement of European law.

International trade matters. Regulation and application of WTO rules, antidumping specialties, customs regimes and trade policy instruments.

We have extensive experience in all facets of antitrust law, providing preventative advice and counseling clients involved in investigations by national and European authorities. The EU and Antitrust practice also covers a broad range of sector-specific engagements, as well as international trade-related matters, including trade defense instruments.

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