Zoning, City Planning & Real State Law

The Zoning, City Planning and Real Estate Law department of GVJ & Associates is one of the departments with a greater number of professionals, and also boasts the direct involvement of several partners. It tackles all kinds of legal implications of real estate transactions and promotions, whether they are of a civil, commercial, administrative, registration or contentious sort and regardless of their nature (plots; offices and commercial premises; housing; residential, tourist or commercial complexes; industrial buildings; etc.)

The advice provided by GVJ & Associates includes all the necessary procedures for the full development of any real estate activity. The department studies the planning that is in force under the regional legislation and analyses all of the feasible alternatives for obtaining the highest and best urban use (if applicable), performs all urban enquiries to verify that the property complies with the regulations, develops and studies all types of preparatory contracts, prepares and revises purchase and mortgage deeds, later proceeding with the tax processing and registration thereof.

The main areas of practice within the department are:

  • Studying the plan currently in force
  • Drawing up of the corresponding documents related to the development of the plan, with the constitution, management and monitoring of the collaborating urban entities.
  • Compensation, cooperation, land subdivision processes, etc.
  • Negotiation of urban agreements
  • Intervention in all types of administrative procedures involved in the preparation of the general and derived plans
  • Providing legal assistance to urban and urbanising entities
  • Requesting of all kinds of planning permission, permits and administrative authorisation necessary for the construction and development process.
  • Advising in the recruitment process of urbanisation and building works, (contracts for execution of works, provision of services, site management, etc.)
  • Tax planning for real estate investment
  • Negotiation and drawing up of all types of real estate contracts (those with down payments, the option to buy, private contracts of sale, of lease, assignments of use, bailment, etc.)
  • Acquisition and sale of all kinds of real estate assets.
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